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Black Lava Rock Mound

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These Black Lava Rock mound pieces will have multiple pre-cut areas in the stone. These holes will provide extra character to your scape, a spot for small fauna to rest, and a perfect place to attach plants.

Black Lava Rock is created by the cooling of magma and is an extremely porous stone commonly utilized by the aquascaping community. Black Lava Rock is dark black in color, lightweight, and has a very high surface area. The extra surface area will allow more space for beneficial bacteria to colonize onto, improving the overall health of the aquarium. Mix and match these pieces with regular Black Lava Rock to create your dream scape.


  • Each stone is unique and ranges from about 5-6" inches
  • If you are looking for stones with a particular shape and size, please email our support team for assistance.
  • Stones require rinsing prior to use
  • Stone coloration darkens when wet. 
  • Some stones may alter water chemistry. Please do thorough research to ensure this stone is suitable for your setup.