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Manten Stone

Original price $ 38.99 - Original price $ 99.99
Original price
$ 38.99
$ 38.99 - $ 99.99
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Size: 10LB

Manten Stone is a premium aquascaping stone that features rugged edges, unique textures and interesting color tones. Found in high elevation mountain ranges of Asia, Manten Stone earns its key characteristics due to many years of erosion and fusing from pressure found in its natural environment. This feature makes the stone extremely sought after along with its ability to recreate extreme realism in planted aquariums. Great for Iwagumi layouts or creative mountainscapes, Manten Stone remains a favorite amongst aquascaping hobbyists. The various cracks and textures found are great for the addition of aquarium moss and the greening technique to add additional character and maturity in the planted aquarium.


  • Manten will naturally vary in size and color. If you are looking for specific pieces, please increase the amount ordered. Average size ranges from 2-10". 
  • Manten stone is inert and won't change water parameters. 
  • Stones should be rinsed and cleaned thoroughly prior to use.
  • Great for mountainous aquascapes or Iwagumi layouts!