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Wolf Stone

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Size: 10LB PACK

Wolf Stone is another newer type of aquarium hardscape available in the hobby. Characterized by a medium-grey color, Wolf Stone features plenty of textural characteristics and very jagged making it a great choice for aggressively styled planted tank layouts.

Wolf Stone is comparable in appearance to more common staples in the hobby such as Seiryu Stone and Elephant Skin Stone as well but posses slight differences that make it unique as well. Because Wolf Stone is very jagged, we would not recommend using it with fragile finned fish such as Betta Fish, but it would look great paired with a variety of aquarium plants and other livestock choices. Wolf Stone is versatile and can be used to create different layout styles with a bit of imagination and creativity!


  • If you are looking for larger stones, a minimum weight may be required. Larger stones = higher weight. Email our team if you need assistance.
  • Stones require rinsing prior to use
  • Stone coloration darkens when wet. 
  • Some stones may alter water chemistry. Please do thorough research to ensure this stone is suitable for your setup.