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Ancient Pagoda Stone

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Weight: 30 Pounds

Ancient Pagoda Stone is named after its rugged shape and layers of texture, formed after thousands of years of weathering. This is a highly sought after aquascaping stone, rarely found in the US due to its difficulty to mine and source. Each piece is unique with its own character and style. When used correctly in aquascaping, this stone can create a dramatic effect that gives your tank a naturally ancient look and feel.


  • Ancient Pagoda Stone may raise water hardness slightly.
  • Some stones can alter water chemistry. Please do your research to ensure your choices are fit for your setup!
  • Stones should be rinsed and cleaned thoroughly prior to use.
  • If larger pieces are requested, please ensure a higher amount of stone by LB is ordered. Aquarium stones can be dense and a larger piece will yield a higher weight.

Pieces from packages will range from 5-15".