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Dragon Stone (Ohko) Accent Stones

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Size: 2.2 Pound Bag

Dragon Stone, also known as Ohko Stone, is a popular aquascaping rock named after it's scale-like texture. The natural details and crevices give your aquascape an aged look that can't be duplicated with artificial decorations. Dragon stone can come with a wide array of colors, ranging for reds, yellows, and browns. Its clay-like composition makes it brittle compared to other rocks, allowing aquatic plants to easily self-attach.

Dragon Stone is inert and will not influence your water chemistry, making it the ideal layout material for any aquarium. 

Pieces from packages will range from 1-3", making them a perfect choice for nano aquarium scapes or adding finer details to an existing scape. 

Stones will require rinsing prior to use to remove any dust and excess clay.