farmed bucephalandra

As one of the largest suppliers of Bucephalandra, we understand our responsibility to develop sustainable practices in the hobby.  Ever since the inception of our love affair with this beautiful epiphyte, we have been tirelessly searching for an alternative to wild harvested Buce.  In order to ensure the survival of this beautiful species, we have teamed up with a network of reputable nurseries that share our vision. 

At last, we are proud to present Buce Plant's Farmed Buce.  This collection of farmed Bucephalandra is the result of years of research combined with tedious trial and error.  The process began in a tissue culture lab, where the plant had to be stabilized into a growing colony. This process takes years of development because Bucephalandra is an extremely slow growing plant that can be difficult to grow in a sterile agar environment.   After the tissue culture colony has been stabilized, individual plants can then be transferred into a water-wise hydroponic grow out system.  The result is a safe, sustainable and eco-friendly pot of leafy elegance. Unlike their jungle collected counterparts, Buce Plant’s Farmed Buce is healthy with clean and consistent leaves.  Environmentally conscious hobbyist can continue to enjoy this plant without the guilt associated with purchasing wild harvested plants.

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