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Aquario Neo Reliever

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$ 13.99
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Size: Medium

The Aquario Neo Reliever is an optional attachment that can be paired with any of the Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes. The reliever is designed to be attached onto the end of the outflow pipe to reduce water pressure and disperse flow more evenly throughout the tank. For optimum performance, be sure the Aquario Neo Reliever is securely placed onto the lily pipe. The reliever can be used in conjunction with the Aquario Neo Skimmer.


    • Small and compact
    • Perfect flow rate reduction
    • Change flow direction - Use only one of the wings or rotate the product
    • Water flow customization - Flow can be controlled using wings and changing the degree of insertion
    • Compatible with Neo Skimmer - Both can be used at the same time

    Medium - 13MM (12/16MM)

    • Compatible with 13MM Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes (12/16mm)

    Large - 17MM (16/22MM)

    • Compatible with 17MM Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes (16/22mm)