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Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula

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Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula propagates via spores. With around 60 to 150 different species of Isoetes, very few variants are suitable for use as an aquarium plant. This family is generally found in tropical wet environments and can withstand a range of environments as they can also be found in cold bodies of water that lack nutrients. Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula is one of the most widely spread quillwort in the aquarium hobby at the moment, despite its relative rareness. Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula can grow pretty tall but at a slower pace. Similar to other aquatic plant species, a quality aquarium substrate and clean water is the bare minimum when caring for this plant.

Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula’s complicated propagation may be the reason this plant is still a rarity in aquaria. If attempted, the spores should be sowed onto a moist substrate. Patience is a virtue in this case! 

Common Names: Quillwort, Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula

Family Name: Isoetaceae

Origin: Japan, Korea

Height: 8-15"

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care: Easy to Moderate

Light: Medium to High

Propagation: Spores

Growth rate: Slow