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Aquario Neo CO2 Curved Diffuser - Tiny

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Size: Short (SS)

The Aquario NEO CO2 Curved Tiny series adds a new feature on the Extended Species series. The Curved series features a convenient pre bend tubing that makes set up simple and easy. Diffusers in the Tiny series do not have a built in bubble counter, but do offer a super clean low profile appearance that wont take away from the aquascape. Aquario NEO CO2 diffusers are equipped with tiny nanohole that convert CO2 bubbles into a super fine mist, perfect for dispersing and dissolving CO2 throughout the tank.

This Aquario diffuser is acrylic (not easily breakable) with a ceramic disk specially designed to create the finest bubbles.

Size Disk Size Tube Height Glass Thickness Tank Size
8mm 6 inches 6   8 gallons or less  
8mm 9 inches 9 8 gallons or less


  • Soak diffuser in water for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.
  • When bubbles begin getting larger, put it in bleach for 10 minutes and wash with water several times to remove all the bleach inside before use.