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SL-Aqua Black MORE Aquavital for Fish

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Size: 250ML

Aquavital by SL-Aqua More is a synthetic vitamin formula intended for freshwater fish species. Its natural and specialized formula can be absorbed easily and directly via fish gills. With a boosted immune system and overall improved health, Aquavital helps prevent disease while improving survival rates naturally for freshwater aquarium fish. Using Aquavital regularly and consistently is great for vivid coloration and for use during breeding projects. 

Aquavital can also be used for marine fish in reef-style and coral setups. We recommend using Aquavital for fish species such as Arowanas, Stingrays, Angelfish, Cichlids, Goldfish, Clownfish, Guppys, Betta Fish, Tetras and more. 

Trusted by hobbyists around the world, SL-Aqua is recognized for its quality products intended to improve the health and vitality of freshwater and marine life. SL-Aqua products are created using natural materials and formulas intended to enhance aquatic life and increase aquarium success.  


Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D3, E, H, K3, Folic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Immunoglobulin, Chitosan. 

Usage and Notes:

  • For newly setup tanks - Add 20ML per 100L of water (26.4 Gallons)
  • Regular maintenance thereafter - Add 10ML per 100L of water (26.4 Gallons)
  • 250ML treats up to 660 gallons
  • 500ML treats up to 1320 gallons
  • Shake well before use