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SL-Aqua Vitality

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Size: Small
This product contains a combination of beneficial bacteria and minerals to support healthy growth of aquatic organisms. The specialized formula increases algae growth for shrimplets and long-term use aids in improving and stabilizing water quality for your aquarium critters. Stabilized environments for shrimp result in improved health, form, color and improved digestion. 
  • Enhances growth rate while improving immunity.
  • Increased and prolonged survival rates.
  • Promotes algae growth for shrimplet health.
  • Comprised of 100% natural ingredients. This product is free from chemical additives. 100% GMO-free blend.
  • Provides a blend of complex bacteria, enzymes, minerals
  • Shelf life: Use within 6 months of opening.
  • TDS may rise in smaller tanks. Please monitor your aquarium's parameters and adjust as necessary.

Usage Instructions:

  • Refer to the chart provided below for dosage recommendations.
  • Once Vitality pouch is added, allow to float on water surface or held down by aquarium-safe weight in-tank. 
  • Remove the Vitality pouch after 7-10 days and repeat as necessary with new Vitality pouch.

Overview & Use:

 SIZE Treatment Pouchs Per Box Tank Size Recommendation
Small 10 5-6G
Medium 6 7-13G
Large 3 14G+