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Aquario Neo Plant Soil

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Type: 3L

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Aquario NEO soil for plants is a premium aquarium substrate that is made from volcanic soil and meant to optimize the growth of aquatic plants. Great for beginners and experienced hobbyists, Aquario NEO soil consists of 2 layers and contains many little air pockets inside allowing it to be used as another form of filtration and a base for the growth of beneficial bacteria. All of these benefits combined results in beautiful aquatic plant growth and a stable aquarium cycle along with overall product longevity. Aquario NEO Soil helps to eliminate pollutants within the water column and the activation of the bottom helps aquatic plants absorb nutrients easily so fertilizers can be used sparingly. 

Additional notes:

  • This product contains bacteria and may appear as a white substance within the package. This is normal.
  • The use of CO2 injection, lighting, and fertilizer is recommended.
  • 1/3 water change per every 3 days after setup. 1/3 water change per week afterward.
  • Do not mix with other aquarium soils. If done, increase water changes to help prevent algae growth. 
  • Results will depend on each individual user.