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Begonia Arabian Sunset

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Common Name: Mallet Begonia 'Arabian Sunset'

Begonias are a popular household plant, that can do well in terrarium setups. Begonia Arabian Sunset is a hybrid begonia that was created in 1992. Begonias are a popular household plant,  This hybrid is most similar to cane begonias, also known as "Angel Wing" begonias. Cane-like begonias have long stems with swollen joints that resemble the nodes on a bamboo cane. Flowers and new leaves will emerge from these nodes. Begonia Arabian Sunset is classified in the Mallet subdivision of Cane-like begonias, meaning the leaves will have hints of maroon and red. The leaves of Mallet Begonias have a tear drop shape with ruffled edges, with a pair of leaves looking like angel wings. Having bright pink flowers that contrast well with the dark foliage, makes Begonia Arabian Sunset a great plant to brighten up any household.

Similar to other cane-like begonias, Begonia Arabian Sunset is not difficult to care for. Cane-type begonias enjoy bright indirect light, but will grow in shaded areas. Overexposure to light can be more detrimental to begonias than less light. Begonias do not do well being over watered, allow the soil to dry in between watering. If leaves start to crisp along the edges, humidity may be too low or the plant is being overexpose to light. Begonia Arabian Sunset, along with other cane-like begonias are easy to propagate, simply take a cutting with 2-4 nodes and place in water or soil. Roots may be stimulated by administration of rooting hormones. Seeds are not usually grown from hybrid species because the seeds will not produce plants identical to the parent.  


  • Begonia Arabian Sunset is a houseplant, and will not survive if submerged in aquariums and paladariums.
  • May be used in terrariums, but avoid having the Begonia Arabian Sunset in standing water
  • Begonia Arabian Sunset final size, coloration and growth rate are dependent upon the condition of the environment. Photos are a representation of what you will receive and may vary.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Begoniaceae

Size: 12-15 inches

Ph: 6.0-7.5

Temperature: 40-80 F

Care: Easy

Light: Shaded Light to bright indirect light

Water: Allow soil to dry between watering

Propagation: Herbaceous stem cutting 

Growth rate: Medium