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Ophiopogon Japonicus Green

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Common Name: Mondo Grass, Fountain Plant, Snakesbeard, and Lilyturf

Ophiopogon Japonicus is an evergreen perennial of the lily family. This ornamental plant has grass like leaves that are long, narrow, and dark green. Grown under ideal conditions, Mondo Grass will produce clusters of small white or blue flowers. Being a rhizome plant, Ophiopogon Japonicus grows compact and spreads along surfaces slowly, making it a perfect choice for a ground cover plant. To propagate Mondo Grass, rhizomes can be cut, divided, and replanted into the ground or into a container.  

Ideal growing conditions include partial to full shade and moderate watering. If grown in areas with cooler temperatures, direct sunlight will not be a problem. Plants should be grown in a good quality soil that is not allowed to dry for extended periods of time. Underwatering will result in yellowing and wilting of the plant. Ophiopogon japonicus is a terrestrial plant, suitable for terrarium and paludarium scapes.


  • Ophiopogon Japonicus is a terrestrial plant and should not be grown submerged in water.
  • Ideal growing conditions include partial to full shade and regular watering.
  • Do not make sudden changes in growing conditions, as this may lead to the plant dying.
  • Plants received may differ from plants in the picture.
  • Additional research is recommended before purchasing plants.

Family Name: Asparagaceae

Origin: Asia

Height 6-12 inches

Care: Moderate

Light: Partial to Full Shade

Propagation: Division of rhizome

Growth rate: Medium