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Selaginella Moellendorffii

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Common Name: Club Moss, Spike Moss

Selaginellas are a genus of primitive plants with visual characteristics of a mix between a fern and a moss. The common spikemoss has thick and waxy foliage that can tolerate somewhat drier environments in comparison to its relatives (such as Willdenow’s spikemoss) which have thinner leaves that lose water more easily. The vivid green color of this plant makes it a great candidate for adding a thick bushy splash of vibrant green to your emersed layouts such as in a vivarium or terrarium.  


  • This is not an aquarium plant. Submerging it completely will result in the death of this plant.
  • Selaginella Moellendorffii works well in terrarium-like setups and should be partially shaded with good humidity.
  • Remove the cotton surrounding the roots and plant into quality soil. For instructions on how to properly prep aquarium plants, click here.
  • Yellowing of leaves indicates overwatering.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Lycopodiaceae

Origin: Africa

Height: 3-10"

Care: Easy

Light: Low to Medium

Growth rate: Slow to Moderate