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Studio Aquatica Wabi Kusa Substrate Ball

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Studio Aquatica Wabi Kusa Substrate Balls are the perfect medium for starting your journey into the art of Wabi Kusa. This wabi-kusa substrate ball is ready to plant had has a core featuring a specialized blend of nutrients to ensure long-term growth of your aquatic plants. The Studio Aquatica Wabi Kusa Substrate Ball has superior water retention properties which aid in providing needed moisture for transitioning aquarium plants.

Wabi Kusa is the art of arranging different aquatic plants growing on a substrate medium in the shape of a ball. The term "wabi-sabi" in Japanese, means something that is natural yet imperfect in which one can find beauty. The simple elegance of nature and it's a tendency to stray from symmetry is the key to a beautiful wabi-kusa setup.


Key Features:

  • Specialized core nutrient blend for optimized plant growth
  • Naturally anti-fungal and mold-resistant
  • Contributes to the cultivation of beneficial bacteria
  • Superior water retention
  • Will not disintegrate or cloud water
  • Great for planting Wabi-kusa style displays


Package Includes:

  • 1 - Studio Aquatica Substrate Ball (~3" diameter when fully saturated)
  • 8' of planting thread
  • 1 thread anchor (to secure thread to substrate ball
  • 2 substrate ball hangers (to hang on your rimless aquarium)


proudly made in the usa