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Lilaeopsis Mauritiana Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

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Lilaeopsis Mauritiana

Common Name: Narow Leaf Micro Sword


Family Name: Apiaceae

Origin: Mauritius

Height: 1.18” – 2.36”

pH: 6 – 7.5

Care: Medium

Light: Medium to High

Co2: Medium

Propagation: Runners, Splitting, Cutting off daughter plants

Growth Rate: Medium

This type of micro sword is a thin leaf, easy to grow variant of Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis.  It tends to grow faster and with high light and CO2, can form into a thick grassy foreground.  

To maintain the lawn-like affect, trim the plants like you would with any foreground plant. 

Remove tissue culture gel before planting.  Simply wash the gel away or soak the plant in water and squeeze the gel off with your fingers.