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Cabomba Aquatica

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Type: Potted

Common Name: Fanwort, Giant Cabomba

Cabomba Aquatica is one of the most popular types of Cabomba available in the aquarium trade.   It is an easy stem plant, suitable for beginners compared to some other harder to keep Cabomba types.  It works great as a background or midground coverage when planted in dense clusters and can grow into a thick bush of delicate green leaves. 

This plant can be great for beginners because it is hardy and does not require CO2 injection. It does prefer a nutrient-rich environment and clean water. Cabomba requires moderate light or the lower parts of the stems can start to turn yellow and die off. It is propagated through cuttings that easily take root in the substrate. Cabomba can be grown submersed or emersed.  


  • Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.
  • Please be sure to remove this plant from its pot. Remove the cotton surrounding the roots and plant into a quality substrate. For instructions on how to properly prep "potted" aquarium plants, click here.
  • CO2 injection will yield better growth.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Cabombaceae

Origin: South America

Height: 4-12”

pH: 6.0-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Not required but recommended

Propagation: Cuttings

Growth rate: Slow