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Limnophila Mini Vietnam

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Type: Lead Bunch

Limnophila sp. "Vietnam" is a relatively rare aquatic stem plant that stays on the smaller side and exhibits bush-like growth habits. It is still considered newer in the aquarium hobby, but it is slowly making its rounds to various countries. Limnophila Mini Vietnam is light green in coloration and has the potential to produce reddish-brown veins if provided with strong aquarium lighting and optimal conditions. Its leaves are linear with acute tips. This aquatic plant would make a beautiful addition to the midground of larger planted aquariums and to the background of planted nano tanks.  

Like all stem plants, propagation is simple and trimmings can be replanted into nutrient-dense aquarium substrate. Consistent trimming will encourage the bushy growth that is popular within the planted tank hobby.

Family Name: Plantaganaceae

Origin: South East Asia

Height: 5-10”

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care: Medium

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Recommended

Propagation: Cuttings

Growth Rate: Medium to Fast