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Nomaphila Variegatus

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Type: Lead Bunch

Common name:  Nomaphila Variegatus, Corymbosa variegated

Nomaphila Variegatus is a robust aquarium plant that is easy to keep and grow. This variation is slightly pickier and requires a bit more care to retain its variegated leaves, but this aquatic plant family in general is quite hardy and can adapt easily. Nomaphila Variegatus features broad foliage with a variegated pattern spread along a thin stem. When compared to H. Corymbosa Siamensis, Nomaphila Variegatus requires a little more light and decent nutrient supply to properly thrive. It can also be grown emersed and is popular to use in open tank setups where a portion of the plants are grown emersed with roots being submerged. Nomaphila Variegatus is a beginner friendly plant but, a lack of macronutrients may stunt its growth. Therefore one should make sure this plant, though hardy, is supplied with nutrients just like any other aquarium plant. 

Propagation is easy - just cut off a shoot and replant it; if you cut off the top shoot you can control the growth of the plant, at least a bit, and induce ramification, as it will sprout even more lateral shoots. A terraced group of stems of different length is a very nice eyecatcher.

Family: Acanthaceae

Region: Southeast Asia

Height: 6-12"

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Not required

Propagation: Cut stem and replant

Growth rate: Fast