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Lost World


We had some extra Black Diamond Neocaridina Shrimp that needed a new home so we decided to put together a low tech shrimp tank with just sand and Dragon Stone.  A few large pieces of Dragon Stone were broken down to smaller pieces in order to fit better into the UNS 30C aquarium.  We only used Bucephalandra and Moss in this tank since there's no soil to provide nutrients and they're both extremely undemanding.  Dragonstone was chosen because its inert and won't affect the water chemistry for the shrimp, and because its so versatile and easy to use. 



Mini Christmas Moss 

Buce Green Tears

Buce Brownie Phantom




Neocaridina Black Diamond Shrimp

Nerite Snail




UNS Plant Food 1x per week 



White Sand



UNS 30C Tank - 7 Gallon

Azoo Mignon 60