Part I
Part II 
With this Westworld themed aquascape, we wanted to create an Iwagumi type layout with the hardscape acting as the main focus.  We decided to dry start the tank to allow the foreground plants to root in and anchor into the Controsoil before flooding.  Although it requires a bit of patience, the dry start method can save a lot of headache by preventing algae growth and keeping the foreground plants in place.  Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' was added throughout the front and midground while Dwarf Hair Grass was planted along the background.  Some small patches of Mini Pellia were placed on the Dragon Stone to add a natural touch to the hardscape. 
Stay tuned for Part II of this video where we flood the tank and add livestock!
Livestock Used:
Rasbora Uropthalmoides
Celestial Pearl Danios
Fire Red Cherry Shrimp
Nerite Snails

Dwarf Hairgrass

To be determined 
controsoil fine black
Eheim 2215