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Amano Shrimp

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Size: 10 Shrimp Pack

Common Name: Amano Shrimp, Yamato Shrimp
Scientific Name: Caridina Multidenata, Caridina Japonica
Genus: Caridina
Wild Origin: Asia
Adult Size: 2+ in (Listing is for juvenile specimen 0.75-1.5" average)

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The Amano Shrimp is the OG of all freshwater shrimp. This species is known for proving an invaluable asset to any algae clean-up crew. Large and hardy, Amano Shrimp popularized the dwarf shrimp hobby in the United States in the 1990’s.

The Amano Shrimp originates from swampy marshlands in Japan, where shrimp hobbyist Takashi Amano spread the word about the benefits to keeping these shrimp in a planted tank. Amano Shrimp have a mostly clear body with a tan or brown stripe running down their back from head to tail. They usually have a spotting pattern of broken horizontal lines in tan or brown around their body. 

Amano Shrimp are tolerant to a fairly wide range of water parameters, making them excellent for pairing with other species. As long as the shrimp are acclimated properly to your chosen parameters and are not subjected to extreme changes in temperature or acidity, they are adaptable and resilient. They prefer harder water, as the adult shrimp do not tolerate salt. The ideal water parameters are 64°-80° F with 6 to 7.5 pH. However, as mentioned, you may keep them outside of these parameters as long as the shrimp are protected from extreme or frequent fluctuations.

 Key Features & Important Notes

  • Tank-raised specimen
  • Bright, bold color and pattern
  • Shrimp are excellent scavengers and will happily feed on biofilm, decaying plant matter, and algae
  • To increase survival rates, please allow 2-3 business days after placing an order to properly prepare live animal shipments

Recommended Water Parameters
Listed information should be treated as general guidelines only. We encourage you to do thorough research before committing to keeping any livestock.

  • Temperature Range: 65 – 84 F
  • pH: 6.5-8.0
  • TDS: 80- 450 ppm
  • GH: 1-15 dGH
  • KH: 1-10 dKH

Recommended Tank Size
5+ gallons, minimum. Tank size is relative and various factors should be considered when determining tank size. Factors include maintenance schedules, tank mates, desired colony size and more.

Algae, biofilm, diatoms, decaying plant matter, spirulina powder, bee pollen, plant-based shrimp pellets/wafers, blanched vegetables


Breeding Amano Shrimp is uniquely challenging. They require brackish water for breeding and raising their young beyond the larval stage is demanding. Amano Shrimp are sensitive to water quality, making them more expensive in the aquarium trade. They are often wild-caught, have a lifespan of 2-3 years in captivity, and require special care during introduction to their new environment.

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