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Aponogeton Boivinianus

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Size: Plant

Common Name: Aponogeton Boivinianus

Aponogeton Boivinianus is a tall growing bulb plant that originates from Madagascar.  In the wild, it can be found in fast flowing water so a bit of flow in your aquarium is ideal. The plant can be characterized by the ruffled texture with new leaves appearing light green or red and older leaves turning darker olive colored. The texture and massive size of this plant makes it the perfect addition to the background of larger tanks.

Half of the bulb should be buried into the substrate to facilitate growth. Avoid completely burying the bulb as this can promote bulb rot. 


  • Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.
  • This species of aquarium plant grows quite large and is recommended for larger sized planted aquarium tanks.
  • CO2 injection and quality aquarium soil will yield better growth.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Aponogetonaceae

Origin: Africa

Height: 5-10+”

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate

Co2: Not necessary

Propagation: Cut side shoots

Growth rate: Medium