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Aqua Worx 3D Retractable Net - Square

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Size: Small

The Aqua Worx 3D Retractable Net is made from high-quality material that is suitable for safely transferring livestock as needed. Alternatively, aquarium nets are great to have for aquarium maintenance and are often used to easily remove larger debris or plant trimmings. The Aqua Worx 3D retractable net is an essential tool and its handle can be extended, making it suitable for use in a variety of popular aquarium sizes. 

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Handle Extension: The Aqua Worx 3D Retractable Net can be extended up to 21.3 inches, increasing reach and ability to use in larger aquariums. 
  • Essential Aquarium Tool: Aquarium nets are a staple in the aquarium hobbyists' tool cabinet. They are versatile in use whether transferring livestock from tank to tank, introducing new inhabitants or during maintenance to remove waste. 

Product Specifications

Aqua Worx 3D Retractable Net - Small

  • Net Dimensions: 2 x 1.6" (5 x 4cm)
  • Handle Length: 7.1 - 21.3" (18 - 54cm)
  • Handle Color: Black

Aqua Worx 3D Retractable Net - Large

  • Net Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8" (7 x 7cm)
  • Handle Length: 8.3 - 22.8" (21 - 58cm)
  • Handle Color: Black

What's Included

  • Aqua Worx 3d Retractable Net - Square