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Aqua Worx Flux Stainless Steel Lily Pipes

Original price $ 42.99 - Original price $ 45.99
Original price
$ 42.99
$ 42.99 - $ 45.99
Current price $ 42.99
Size: 12/16MM [1/2"]

Flux by Aqua Worx is a premium stainless steel aquarium lily pipe that is crafted from surgical grade stainless steel. These aquarium filter pipes are scratch-resistant, durable and designed to withstand varying water conditions. Available in the standard style or with an added surface skimmer, these stainless steel lily pipes play an important role in keeping the aquarium clean and healthy. 

Inflow pipes feature adjustable flow and thin slots to protect smaller livestock from being sucked up into the canister filter. Ample flow and circulation are provided, increasing aeration and distribution of nutrients and CO2 within the water column. Quality filtration is essential to the health and success of a planted tank. Pair Aqua Worx Flux Stainless Steel Lily Pipes with your favorite aquarium canister filter for a fantastic duo! 

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Quick Installation & Easy Maintenance: Flux includes both inflow and outflow pipes eliminating the need to ensure sizes match for quick installation. Crafted from stainless steel, Flux Stainless Steel Lily Pipes are extra durable and will not break easily when performing maintenance.
  • Two Styles: standard inflow and outflow / standard with surface skimmer attachment.

Product Specifications

What's Included

  • Aqua Worx Flux Stainless Steel Lily Pipe Set