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Aqua Worx SOL Light Kit - Clamp

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Color: Black

The Aqua Worx SOL Light Kit includes the Aqua Worx SOL LED Light and matching light clamp for aquarium rims up to 15mm thick.

Aqua Worx SOL With its magnetic backing and thoughtfully designed materials, Aqua Worx SOL offers seamless mounting on any preferred surface. The light can be customized and includes built-in memory to ensure settings are retained each time the device is powered on.

Aqua Worx SOL Light Clamp - A suspension kit that supports up to 3 SOL puck LED lights (kit includes ONE, additional may be purchased separately), making it suitable for illuminating nano aquariums up to 10 gallons. The SOL Light Clamp can be used on aquarium rims up to 15mm thick and is a versatile option for a variety of aquarium styes. Crafted from robust steel, the unit is durable and also offers height and depth adjustability allowing users to customize lighting direction and intensity with precision.

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Suitable for Nano Setups: Specifically designed for nano aquariums, making it an ideal lighting solution for smaller aquatic environments. This configuration offers easy installation and versatility.
  • Kit is available with the adjustable stand or fixed stand configuration!

Product Specifications

Aqua Worx SOL LED Light

  • Dimensions: ⌀3.54 x 0.71"
  • Power Connection: USB-C
  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Color Temperature: 3,000 - 7,000K

Aqua Worx SOL Light Clamp

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.96 x 5.32 x 11.42" (36 x 13.5 x 29cm)
  • Height Adjustability: 2.76 - 11.42" (7 - 29cm)
  • Depth Adjustability: 0.98 - 5.32" (2.5 - 13.5cm)
  • Compatibility: aquarium rims up to 15mm

What's Included

  • Aqua Worx SOL LED Light (one unit)
  • Aqua Worx SOL Light Clamp