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Aquario Neo Bag

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Created from high-quality materials, the Aquario Neo Bag collection provides support for improved health of a planted tank. With 4 products in the line, aquarists can choose specialized bags that aim to address the specified concern. Each package comes with 8 individual pieces and each bag can be easily placed into the filtration system and allowed to work out of sight. Mix and match the bags you have on hand to tackle any present or future issues! Keep reading below to learn which bag is right for you and your setup's needs.

Only Aquario Neo Bag Minus and Zeolite bags may be reused before replacing entirely. To regenerate, place the used bag in 300ml of 10% salt water solution and allow it to soak for up to 24 hours. Remove the bag and rinse it again in clean water before adding it back to your filter. 

 Bag Type Effect
Plus Lowers pH
Minus Removes nitrite, nitrates and phosphates
Carbon Improves water clarity
Zeolite Removes ammonia and heavy metals


  • Aquario Neo Bag is intended for aquarium use only. Keep out of children and pet's reach.
  • Results may vary and depend on the severity of the issue being addressed. 
  • Filter maintenance is recommended to ensure proper flow. Good flow allows the product to perform better.

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