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Aquario Neo Outlet

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$ 14.99
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Size: Medium

The Aquario Neo Outlet is compatible with the Aquario Neo Flow lily pipe set. This handy attachment provides improved water flow and is simple to install and remove for maintenance. Its smaller size doesn't compromise performance and results in reduced in-tank equipment visibility. The Neo Outlet can be adjusted to accommodate aquarium flow needs and comes with a small insert to diffuse flow, making it a great option for tanks with livestock that need gentle flow.

Like other Aquario Neo filtration attachments, the Neo Outlet is made from PETG material that is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.


    • Small parts included. Keep out of children and pet's reach.
    • Compatible with the Aquario Neo Flo aquarium lily pipe line.
    • Handle with care. While more durable than glass, unnecessary force can cause breakage and/or damage to the product. 

    Medium - 13MM (12/16MM)

    • Compatible with 13MM Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes (12/16mm)

    Large - 17MM (16/22MM)

    • Compatible with 17MM Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes (16/22mm)

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