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Aquario Neo Skimmer

Original price $ 17.99 - Original price $ 17.99
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$ 17.99
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Size: Large

The Aquario Neo Skimmer is perfect for biofilm removal. It's an optional attachment that can be paired with any of the Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes. This skimmer does not require an additional electrical outlet to function and attaches onto the outflow pipe. Debris on the surface will be skimmed and blown into the water column. Once in the water column, the filter system will be able to remove the debris. 

Based on the water level, the Aquario Neo Skimmer can be used as a surface skimmer or an aerator. At higher water levels the attachment will act as a surface skimmer, while at lower water levels the attachment will be an aerator, sucking in air and blowing bubbles out into the water column.


    • Doesn't take up space - Only 4 cm. wide and 4.5 cm high
    • Connects to outlet pipe
    • Doesn't need electricity - Uses flow velocity and pressure
    • Will not trap livestock
    • Easy to adjust
    • Aerates when setting level high

    Medium - 13MM (12/16MM)

    Large - 17MM (16/22MM)