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Ardisia Silver

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Common name: Ardisia Silver

Ardisia Silver is one of 700 species of Ardisia, that originate from Asia. The leaves of Ardisia Sliver are long and slender with serrated edges. New leaves will start as a light green color that intensifies into a dark green with time. As the leaves mature and darken, the silver streak that courses with the main leaf vein will become more apparent and bolder. The colors will change depending on the conditions in which the plants are grown in.

Originating from tropical rainforest, Ardisia Silver does best in humid and wet environments. The soil should never be allowed to completely dry but be careful not to over water. Over watering can cause root or stem rot, that may lead to death of the plant. Ardisia Silver grows best under bright indirect light. Leaves that are exposed to intense direct light, have a high chance of being burned and damaged. Due to these requirements, Ardisia Silver is best suited for terrarium and paludarium set ups.


  • Ardisia species are terrestrial plants and being submerged will result in death of the plants.
  • Ardisia species should be grown in humid conditions with indirect light.
  • Plants may grow differently depending on the environment in which they are grown in.
  • Additional research should be done to provide optimum growing conditions for the plant to thrive.
  • You will receive a cutting with 2-4 leaves.
  • Photos are a representation of what you will receive. Size, shape and color may vary as this is a live plant.

Family Name: Primulaceae

Origin: Asia

Size: Varies

Care: Intermediate 

Light: Partial Shade

Water: Medium

Growth rate: Slow