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Basin Wood - Large

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Basin Wood is a new type of hardscape in the planted aquarium hobby. This style of driftwood features rich character in the form of many knots, twists and deep grooves that are perfect for planting your favorite aquatic epiphytes! Available in three sizes, Basin Wood can be used as a statement piece or along with your favorite aquarium stones at the base for added appeal. Like all aquarium woods, Basin Wood is all natural and works great as a base for aquatic mosses as well. It is naturally buoyant and should be thoroughly soaked prior to use to ensure it stays in place. 

Average Sizing

  • Length: 20+"
  • Width: 8-12"
  • Height: 4-10"

Aquarium driftwood will discolor aquarium water. You can reduce this effect through consistent water changes or through the addition of SL Aqua Ion Exchange Resin.

Important note: We recommend rinsing wood thoroughly before adding it to an established aquarium. If you prefer, you may also boil the wood for at least 1-2 hours to help release tannins.