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Bucephalandra Kayu Lapis

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Size: Plant

Common name: Buce Kayu Lapis

Bucephalandra Kayu Lapis is a slow-growing variety, making it harder to obtain and warranting a higher price point when compared to other species. Kayu Lapis features oblong leaves that are slightly serrated and are commonly compared to Hygrophila Pinnatifida despite being different plants entirely. Coloration is primarily green, but can appear iridescent when placed under certain lighting conditions. Like other Bucephalandra, B. Kayu Lapis is not difficult to grow, but will require patience to achieve maturity and sizeable portions.

Bucephalandra Kayu Lapis is an epiphytic plant and can grow on porous surfaces such as aquarium wood and stones. It is important to keep the rhizome above the substrate, if planting, to prevent rot and death of the plant. Low to medium lighting will suffice and if possible, CO2 injection in the aquarium will benefit growth rate and overall health.


  • Bucephalandra Kayu Lapis is an epiphytic aquarium plant so it can be attached to aquarium hardscape.
  • Do not plant this aquarium plant in the substrate and cover the rhizome. This will cause it to melt and rot.
  • Final size, coloration and growth rate are dependent upon the condition of the aquarium Photos are a representation of what you will receive and may vary.
  • Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.
  • CO2 injection will yield better growth.
  • For instructions on how to properly prep aquarium plants, click here.

    Family Name: Araceae

    Leaves: Serrated, long leaves

    pH: 6-8

    Care: Easy

    Light: Low to Medium

    Co2: Not necessary but recommended 

    Propagation: Cut by rhizome

    Growth rate: Slow