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Caridina Culls

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Size: 5 Shrimp

Common Name: Caridina Culls, Mixed Caridina Culls
Scientific Name: Caridina
Genus: Caridina
Wild Origin: Asia
Adult Size: 1.25in

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Mixed Caridina Culls are a great choice for hobbyists interested in a mix of different shrimp varieties, colors and patterns. Caridina Culls are primarily male. These shrimp are non-agressive and suitable for community tanks that contain peaceful livestock and shrimp-only tanks. These freshwater shrimp adapt quickly and spend most of their time eating algae and biofilm off plants, aquarium glass, substrate and hardscape.

Caridina Culls will tolerate a wider range of water parameters, but drastic or sudden changes should be avoided to keep them healthy and happy. Like most freshwater shrimp, a standard of 70°-75° F and softer water will work just fine. 

Key Features & Important Notes

  • Tank-raised specimen
  • Shrimp are excellent scavengers and will happily feed on biofilm, decaying plant matter, and algae
  • To increase survival rates, please allow 2-3 business days after placing an order to properly prepare live animal shipments

Recommended Water Parameters
Listed information should be treated as general guidelines only. We encourage you to do thorough research before committing to keeping any livestock.

  • Temperature Range: 70 – 75°F
  • TDS: 120-140 ppm
  • GH: 4-5 dGH
  • KH: 0-1 dKH

Recommended Tank Size
5+ gallons, minimum. Tank size is relative and various factors should be considered when determining tank size. Factors include maintenance schedules, tank mates, desired colony size and more.

Algae, biofilm, diatoms, decaying plant matter, spirulina powder, bee pollen, plant-based shrimp pellets/wafers, blanched vegetables

Caridina Culls consist primarily of males.
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