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Chihiros Doctor Mate - Bluetooth Control

Original price $ 16.99 - Original price $ 44.99
Original price
$ 44.99
$ 16.99 - $ 44.99
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Size: Doctor Mate - Bluetooth

The Chihiros Doctor Mate is a device that aims to support improved health in nano aquariums. The device offers three preset modes that tailor to plants, fish, and shrimp. When in plant mode, the Chihiros Doctor Mate actively suppresses algae growth and works to create better conditions for flora. The fish and shrimp modes target and eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the water to increase safety for aquatic livestock without disrupting beneficial bacteria colonies. 

This aquarium care device combines 3 features into one streamlined product to support the well-being of your aquarium and livestock!

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Effectively inhibits green algae and eliminates pathogens while preserving beneficial bacteria colonies. 
  • Available in bluetooth control that is compatible with the smartphone app.
  • Suitable for use in aquariums smaller than 30G.
  • Recommended for use in aquariums with TDS levels below 500ppm.