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Save up to 30% on plants & aquascaping supplies here 💸

Dymax Clear Mix

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$ 8.99
$ 8.99 - $ 49.99
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Size: 100ml

Dymax Clear Mix helps to clear cloudy or tannin-tinted aquarium water, resulting in a crystal clear aquascape. It's a macro-porous synthetic polymer adsorbent that is great at removing soluble and insoluble impurities from the water. When compared to other filtration products in the market, Clear Mix is 5 times more efficient at extracting and holding onto impurities, such as nitrogenous waste (ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates). Dymax Clear Mix is a perfect addition is any filtration system, especially those that are equipped onto a heavily stocked aquarium.

Clear Mix has minimal effects on trace elements and will polish the water for absolute clarity. This product will remove tannins from the water column, so should be avoided if tannins are desired in the aquarium. Dymax Clear Mix will progressively darken, a sign of exhaustion, as it continues to filter out impurities. Once exhausted the Dymax Clear Mix can be renewed by with a bleach treatment or replaced with new Clear Mix.