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Grape Wood (Small) 8-14"

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Size: Single Unit

Grape wood is an interesting driftwood with twists and knots that add plenty of character and texture to a planted setup. Commonly used as an alternative to Manzanita, Grape Wood can be often seen being used in crafts and is typically used as a centerpiece. Grape Wood is safe to use in the aquarium, and offers a unique look in the aquarium when compared to other commonly used driftwoods such as Malaysian and Spider Wood. Coloration is a lighter tone, but may darken naturally when placed in the aquarium setting

This driftwood is all natural and will also work beautifully in a terrarium or paludarium as an accent to immersed aquarium plants, terrarium plants and more. Grape Wood will require a substantial amount of time to become fully waterlogged. Please plan accordingly or be prepared to use heavier stones and alternative methods to ensure it remains in place! Like other driftwood, Grape Wood will tint water. Practicing good aquarium maintenance will slowly remove tannins from the water!

Notes & Specifications

  • Average size: 10-12" 
  • Grape Wood is a natural item and it should be noted that sizes are an average and may vary +/- a few inches. 
  • Aquarium driftwood is buoyant and will need to soak thoroughly prior to use to ensure it sinks in the aquarium.
  • You may notice your driftwood producing a white film over time. This is normal and can be siphoned out or cleaned with a brush. It is not harmful to livestock!

**Pictured is a representation of what you will receive. Each piece is unique and characteristics may vary.