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Plant Weights

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Although these weights are commonly referred to as “lead weights” in this hobby, they aren't actually made of lead. Our weights are made from a Zinc Magnesium alloy that is completely harmless to all of your tank’s inhabitants. 

  • Fish, shrimp, and plant-safe
  • Will not affect water quality or parameters
  • Easy to cut with regular scissors
  • Easily bendable
  • Tie and anchor plants to prevent them from floating 

For plants with rhizomes such as Buce and Anubias, we like to cut these lead weights down to size and place a dab of super glue to attach them to the rhizome. Simply wrapping the weight around the rhizome without any glue works as well. Since the rhizomes should be above the soil, it makes planting much easier with the lead weights attached. These are helpful in preventing the unwanted floating of aquarium plants.

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