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Lilaeopsis Brasilensis Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

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Common Name: Micro Sword, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

The Lilaeopsis, or Micro Sword, has short stems and pale green leaves, similar to grass. It can grow compact, and with high light intensity, it can form a lawn effect. It is commonly used for the foreground. It should be planted in small clumps about 1.4” – 2” apart, without shading from other plants. This will allow the Lilaeopsis plants to grow together into a single “lawn.”

The Micro Sword also has a tolerance for low salt concentrations in brackish aquariums. It prefers nutrient rich water and substrate, with a tropical temperature range.


Family Name: Apiaceae

Origin: Southeastern South America

Height: 1.18” – 2.36”

pH: 6 – 7.5

Care: Medium

Light: Medium to High

Co2: Medium

Propagation: Runners, Splitting, Cutting off daughter plants

Growth Rate: Medium