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Aquario Neo Plants Tab K - Potassium Root Fertilizer

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Created from high-quality materials with advanced technology, the NEO Plants Tab collection by Aquario offers aid and support in ensuring aquarium plants are thriving! With 4 products in the lineup, aquarists can choose specialized tabs based on their specific aquatic plant's nutritional needs. Designed to be a slow-release, Aquario's Plants Tabs allow aquarium plants to absorb nutrients effectively while preventing the appearance of unwanted algae. 

These aquatic plant root fertilizers can be used in conjunction with planted aquarium substrate soil or even with inert aquarium substrates such as sand or gravel. Great for use with heavy root feeders! Read below to see which plant tab is best for your setup. 

 Plants Tab Type Ingredients Effect

When to Use

TAB 1 Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium (chemical fertilizer) Comprehensive fertilizer that aids in promoting quick growth

When there is a shortage of a specific nutrient.
IE. Phosphate deficiency or when growing red aquarium plants

K Potassium (chemical fertilizer) Promotes photosynthesis

Holes in old leaves

Fe Iron (chemical fertilizer) Color enhancement

Chlorosis of new leaves 
IE. Improvement in red aquarium plant species

St. Long Organic Fertilizer Long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer

Heavy root feeders or rescaping


  • Aquario Neo Plants Tab TAB 1 should be used as a general root tab and supplemented with K or FE depending on specific needs. 
  • If planted aquarium has been running for more than one year, St. Long should be used and supplemented as needed. 
  • Root tabs last approximately 2 months depending on aquarium size, aquarium plants used and setup.

Phosphate Deficiency:
- Red leaves turning green or old leaves melting away.
- Tab 1
Potassium Deficiency:
- Old leaves have holes
- Tab 1, Tab K
Iron Deficiency:
- New leaves have a lack of color or turn white or red plants are not colored well.
- Tab Fe
Calcium Deficiency:
- New growth is abnormal.
- Tab St. Long