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Philodendron White Princess

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Common Name: Philodendron White Princess

Philodendron White Princess is a beautiful house plant that offers similar characteristics found in popular counterparts like the Philodendron White Knight. The discerning difference are the stems of the plant, where the Philodendron White Knight has burgundy stems and the Philodendron White Princess has green stems. This variety features high variegation with shades of green, white, cream and rarely, pink, that are marbled in different patterns across each leaf. This trait makes each plant truly unique and one of a kind! Philodendron plants originate from humid, tropical environments in South America and rarer varieties have surged in popularity over the last few years. Philodendron plants are typically very adaptable, but emulating this plant's natural environment is key for success. Philodendron White Knight should be provided with an airy growing medium that drains well, bright-indirect lighting and increased humidity levels. Slow-release fertilizers can be added to your care regime once the plant establishes a strong root system. If care conditions aren't met, the plant has the potential to revert and will show signs of stress that include stunted growth, browning edges and overall poor health.

Propagation can be done via cuttings as long as the plant has a viable node or growth point. Humidity can be increased through the use of a humidifier, pebble tray or also by placing the plant in an enclosed container that is opened periodically for fresh air flow.

Philodendron Specifications
Please note, all stats are provided as general guidelines. Factors such as height, size and overall success can vary depending on care and environment.

  • Family name: Araceae
  • Care:Moderate
  • Lighting:Bright-indirect
  • Propagation: Cuttings


  • Tissue culture plants are grown in-vitro in laboratories specialized in propagating plants. They provide the best option for those who want to ensure that absolutely zero unwanted pests are present.
  • Remove tissue culture gel before planting in desired medium.