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Potamogeton Crispus

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Potamogeton Crispus

Common Name: Pondweed

Potomageton Crispus is a unique aquatic plant species that has the ability to grow in both freshwater and brackish water conditions. It can be characterized by its bright coloration and slight translucency when viewed at certain angles. Potamogeton Crispus isn't particularly difficult to keep and will become a prolific grower when conditions are optimal. Its easy going nature makes it a great choice for beginner aquarists or for those who are in search of a unique specimen to keep in a low-tech planted setup.

Genus: Potamogeton

Family Name: Potamogetonaceae

Origin: Southern South America

Height: 1.6” - 4.7”

pH: 6.0 - 8.0

Care: Easy

Light: Medium to High

Co2: Low to Medium

Propagation: Runners, Cuttings

Growth Rate: Fast