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SL-Aqua Bio Protector Z1

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Size: 10g

SL-Aqua Bio Protector Z1 is made from natural plant extracts that can kill planaria and hydra quickly. 

The use of Z1 in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation is completely safe for the bacterial flora in the tank and does not damage the so-called nitrogen cycle. It is harmless to fish, shrimps, and plants. The powder is very easy to dissolve in water, has the texture of powdered sugar.  The container is 10grams, can treat 132 Gallons.

When planaria and hydra are killed, their bodies will begin curling up in the tank. A lot of dead bodies could lead to cloudy water. Important to change 50% of the water to maintain the environment. 


1. Using the measuring spoon included, add 2 spoonfuls per 50L/13G of water.

2. It will take a week for a treatment cycle. Do not change water during this time.

3. If there are planaria or hydras are still alive, please redo the cycle.

4. Stop the treatment when planaria and hydras have been killed.

5.  Change 50% of the water.

*not safe for nerite snails.