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SL-Aqua Black MORE PS Bacteria for Fresh and Marine

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Size: 250ML

Organic waste is often found in all aquariums. If kept unchecked, organic waste present in the water column is transformed into elements such as Ammonia, Nitrites, and Hydrogen Sulfide. Having extremely high levels in a planted tank would lead to an imbalance and an unsafe environment for fish and shrimp. PS Bacteria by SL-Aqua ensures that any harmful compounds present in the water are transformed into essential nutrients without decreasing oxygen levels. PS Bacteria is also compatible with all styles of aquarium keeping!

Trusted by hobbyists around the world, SL-Aqua is recognized for its quality products intended to improve the health and vitality of freshwater and marine life. SL-Aqua products are created using natural materials and formulas intended to enhance aquatic life and increase aquarium success.  


PS Bacteria, Vitamins, Coenzyme & Carotenoid. 

Usage and Notes:

  • Newly setup aquariums: Add 10ML for every 10L (2.6 Gallons) of water.
  • Usage thereafter: Add 2ML for every 10L (2.6 Gallons) of water once a week.
  • PSB cannot live in tank environments and will need to be used consistently to reap the benefits. 
  • Shelf life: 3 years