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🌱 Fresh plants are in! Click to see rare & popular favorites

Spiderwood on Slate

Original price $ 13.99 - Original price $ 25.99
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$ 13.99
$ 13.99 - $ 25.99
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Size: S

Spiderwood is a beloved choice among aquascaping enthusiasts for its unique, twisted branches and natural beauty. It's a great way to add a touch of nature to your aquarium and create a natural looking environment for your fish and other aquatic life.

Our Spiderwood on Slate is specially designed for easy placement in your aquarium. The wood is pre-attached to a piece of slate stone, making it easy to position and secure in your tank which helps prevent the risk of floating. The slate stone adds an extra level of interest to your aquascape and provides a natural looking base for the wood to rest on. If desired, the slate can be easily buried by substrate after placement.

Not only is Spiderwood on Slate beautiful, but it also provides many benefits for your aquascape. The branches of the wood provide ample places for your fish and shrimp to explore, while the wood itself will help to improve water quality by providing a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow.

Driftwood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water. This is natural and can be beneficial for your tank's inhabitants, but the effects will reduce over time. Boiling the wood prior to use can decrease the tannins leeching. 

Important note: Each piece of Spiderwood on Slate is unique. Photos are a representation of what you may receive. Shapes and sizes of the driftwood may vary slightly.

Average sizing (L x W x H):

  • Small - 7 x 11 x 9"
  • Medium - 10 x 9 x 13"
  • Large - 21 x 11 x 13"