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Click to save up to 40% OFF tanks, plants, filtration, & more! 💸

Twinstar Sterilizer for Fish

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Size: S5

Twinstar Yotta is a powerful sterilizer that aid in the prevention of common fish diseases. These products work by eliminating pathogens found in the water column along with mold spores that may find their way into the aquarium. The Twinstar Yotta is designed to have no impact on biological balances within the aquarium tank and are safe to use with tropical fish.

Fish disease is commonly caused by a mix of 3 factors. These factors include the environment, basic fish immunity, and pathogens. If the environment is compromised and immunity is low, the presence of pathogens and risk increases. Twinstar sterilizer models for fish effectively eliminate fish disease through strong sterilizing factors, so it doesn’t need to run 24 hours like UV sterilizer. This device will not harm aerobic bacteria and helps to kill pathogens, so it’s safe. On top of this, Twinstar's lifespan is triple that of general UV sterilizers! 

Please note, this device will not cure existing ailments and is intended to be used for prevention. It is recommended to use in combination with good husbandry for best results.  

Model  Tank Size Compatible Replacement Disk
Twinstar S3 5-13G (50L) Twinstar M5 Reactor
Twinstar S5 5-31G (100L)
Twinstar M5 Reactor
Twinstar Yotta 13-52G (200L) Twinstar M7 Reactor
Twinstar Yotta + 13-118G (450L) Twinstar M9 Reactor


  • Prevents fish diseases.
  • Increases the rate of reproduction.
  • Aids in skeletal development of juvenile fish and shrimp species.
  • Promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Pathogens Eliminated:

  • E-Coli
  • Saprolegniasis
  • White Clouds Disease
  • Edward Disease
  • Herpes Virus