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Uniheat 72+ Hour Shipping Warmer

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$ 3.50
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Type: Activated 72Hr Pack

**Important: Please only add 1 activated heat pack per order. If our fulfillment team decides you need more than 1 for your package, they will include any additional packs free of charge.

Aquatic plants need to be kept in temperatures between 50°F-80°F. If the plants are left in freezing temperatures, most plants will not be able to recover. We understand that life happens and you might not be home to bring your plant package inside as soon as it is delivered. That means your plants may spend hours in your mailbox or on your porch in the freezing cold. Because of this, we highly recommend adding a heat pack if your local weather is below 50°F.

Uniheat 72+ Hour Shipping Warmers are single-use disposable shipping warmers that are designed for steady heat release in closed shipping containers. The packs are individually packaged and easy to use. Simply open up the outer bag to expose the pack to air. Pre-heating is not necessary. Do not allow the shipping packs to get wet as this will instantly and permanently deactivate them.


  • One warmer can generally raise approximately 10° to 15° in a cubic foot insulated box
  • Warmer may stop generating heat if temperature inside the shipping box falls below freezing 
  • Unsure if you should add a heat pack to your plant order? Click here for our shipping recommendations