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UNS 60E - Foresta Integrated Paludarium

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The Ultum Nature Systems Foresta line of Integrated Paludariums is an advanced all-in-one paludarium experience meticulously designed to serve as a flourishing habitat for both aquatic and terrestrial plant species. Each unit serves as a self-contained ecosystem that provides the perfect balance of water circulation, filtration, and humidity control for the growth and development of a diverse range of aquatic and terrestrial plant species. This newly-released 60E unit features the same built-in cascade filtration technology and waterfall wall as previous models, but in a larger and more spacious size.

The system also includes the Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer, designed to consistently produce a refreshing cooling mist that creates the perfect habitat for growing specialty aquatic and terrestrial plants. This feature helps aquascapers replicate the ideal conditions for plants and creatures that thrive in higher humidity conditions and tropical environments without needing to manually spray down the enclosure. The Ultum Nature Systems Foresta line of Integrated Paludariums brings the experience of a self-sustaining rainforest into any indoor space. Unite nature and design seamlessly and create a captivating and dynamic ecosystem in your home or office.

Key Features and Important Notes

The UNS Foresta 60E Integrated Paludarium comes complete with a comprehensive set of tools to kickstart your plant cultivation journey.

  • UNS Foresta 60E Paludarium: Crafted with precision and elegance, this rimless tank houses your ecosystem. The newly-released 60E model features a larger, more horizontal footprint for increased surface area.
  • Nano Foam Stabilizing Mat: A leveling pad specifically designed to support and stabilize the Paludarium’s weight, protecting against glass fissures and cracks while ensuring overall structural integrity and resilience.
  • Atomizer Mist Maker Set: An electronic mister that consistently produces a cooling mist effect, replicating jungle-like conditions. Essential for plants that require tropical environments with high humidity.
  • Atomizer Bracket: Specifically designed to secure the Atomizer Mist Maker Set in place for a hands-free and hassle-free experience.
  • Water Pump: A powerful and efficient pump that promotes healthy water circulation and oxygenation throughout the Paludarium.
  • Outflow Pipe: Strategically placed to maintain proper water flow and avoid stagnant “dead zones”, promoting a well-circulated ecosystem.
  • Bio Sponge Filter Media: An essential component for efficient filtration, the filter media maintains pristine water quality and houses beneficial bacteria colonies.
  • Foresta Mat Plant Pads: An absorbent yet permeable pad that acts as a quality foundation for aquatic and terrestrial plants. Its material retains some amount of water while staying permeable for airflow.
  • Foresta Line - Moss Thread: A synthetic thread perfect for attaching plants to hardscape or other desired surfaces. Securely tie and anchor plants in place, preventing unwanted movement and ensuring successful rooting to the desired area.
  • Chamber Lid: Designed to conceal the Filter Chamber, the Lid creates a clean and polished appearance while keeping your filtration system hidden.

Product Specifications

  • Combined (LxWxH): 23.62" x 14.17" x 17.72"
  • Paludarium (LxWxH): 23.62" x 10.33" x 17.72"
  • Filter Chamber (LxWxH): 23.62" x 3.84" x 17.72"
  • Paludarium Volume: 19 Gallons
  • Chamber Volume: 7 Gallons
  • Pump Max Flow Rate: 158.5 GAL/Hr
  • Max Lift: 59IN
  • Power Specifications: DC5VA 10W

What’s Included:

  • 1x UNS Foresta 60E Paludarium
  • 1x Nano Foam Stabilizing Mat
  • 1x Atomizer Mist Maker Set
  • 1x Atomizer Bracket
  • 1x Water Pump
  • 1x Outflow Pipe
  • 1x Bio Sponge Filter Media
  • 12x Foresta Mat Plant Pads
  • 1x Foresta Line - Plant Thread
  • 1x Chamber Lid