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UNS Drop Checker

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The UNS Drop Checker is an essential tool for monitoring  CO2 levels in a planted aquarium. Available in two styles, the UNS Drop Checker is simple to install and provides accurate readings. To install, fill the drop checker with the provided solution and place it on the opposite end of the CO2 diffuser. Drop checkers work by changing colors based on the tank's pH level. When CO2 levels are elevated, pH drops respectively. This change is then indicated by the color of the solution inside of the drop checker allowing hobbyists to take quick and simple readings of CO2 levels within the desired aquarium.

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Available in an in-tank suction cup style or hang-on rim style installation.
  • Color indicators:
    • Blue: Low. Blue solution indicates that there is not enough CO2 within the aquarium.
    • Green: Optimal. CO2 levels are sufficient for most aquatic plant species growth.
    • Yellow: High. CO2 levels may be too high and could be potentially dangerous for livestock health. 
  • Readings are not instant. Solution color may change following aquarium maintenance or when placed in a new aquarium. Allow a minimum of 1 hour for changes and levels to reflect correctly. 
  • Fluid should be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks or when it begins to lose color.
  • Each drop checker comes with 15ML of indicator solution.
  • Replacement 30ML solution is available for separate purchase.

Product Specifications

UNS Drop Checker SD

  • Compatible with all aquariums.
  • Installed in-tank via suction cups.

UNS Drop Checker HD

  • Compatible with aquarium rims up to 10mm thick.
  • Installed on aquarium rim.

What's Included

  • UNS Drop Checker
  • 15ML Indicator Solution

UNS Drop Checker