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UNS Dual AIO - Chamber Lid - Replacement

Original price $ 19.99 - Original price $ 23.99
Original price
$ 19.99
$ 19.99 - $ 23.99
Current price $ 19.99
Size: 30A

Compatible with the UNS DUAL AIO rimless aquarium line ONLY. This product is not compatible for use on any other UNS AIO aquarium model. 

This listing includes the filter chamber lid designed for the UNS line of Dual AIO rimless aquariums only. The chamber lid provides a sleek finish and disguises the built-in filtration system of these rimless tanks. Each chamber lid includes notches for easy removal during filter maintenance and diagonally cut edges for external wires. 

Product Specifications

UNS 30A Dual AIO Chamber Lid

UNS 35A Dual AIO Chamber Lid

UNS 40A Dual AIO Chamber Lid

UNS 45A Dual AIO Chamber Lid

UNS 60A Dual AIO Chamber Lid

UNS 90LA Dual AIO Chamber Lid

  • Dimensions (LxW): 11.10 x 3.07"
  • Compatible with: UNS Dual AIO 90LA

UNS 90LA V2 Dual AIO Chamber Lid

To confirm which 90LA Dual AIO model you have, please measure the chamber prior to purchasing. You may also check packaging material to determine which 90LA model you have! If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please send our team an email.